Newsletter Summer 2008


Nokia Almighty
Nokia have a cool website to promote their new 5320 phone. Apparently music is one of its best features.


Fonts Conference
You can watch here a funny video about some of the most famous fonts, each represented by a person.



Mini goes Smart
I ran across this cool mini ad while browsing computer arts' website. After their memorable print ads, Mini are pushing the web ads to another level, making use of interactivity and the entire space of the page. They are certainly not the first ones to do it but they do it well!

Designed by Designers
String Republic sells underwear and shoes designed by famous designers all around the world.The products look really cool and they're not expensive.

Check out this video sharing website where you can upload your videos in HD!

Summer Features
Mate Steinforth
Anthony Furlong
Lego's 30th Birthday

Fresh Juice
have added the Lebanese film festival project to my portfolio. You can learn more about this project on the blog

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