Newsletter March 2008

Fontshop has now a new tool to create customized fonts out of pre-composed shapes. At first I thought it was a bad idea but then I tried it and you can actually do nice stuff very quickly and generate the font to use it. It's more for amateurs because you can't make sophisticated shapes or draw accurate curves but it is handy when you want to make a quick, geometric typeface.

The International Poster And Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont will open on the 24th of May, so in almost a week, and will stay until the 6th of July. The exhibitions will be displaying the work of Joseph Muller-Brockmann and Pierre Di Sciullo among many others. Don't miss it if you are around the area.


Desperate Freelancer

Some nice stuff I ran across this month:
-Very nice illustrations by Alberto Cerriteno.
-Cute ad by 180 Amsterdam for HTC smartphone.
-The work of interactive designer Joshua Davis.

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