Newsletter March 2008

Finally (Well maybe just  for me), my portfolio is up and running! It is a way to display some projects I have done during my academic and professional time and eventually get me some freelance work. So check it out.


Mother's Day
Mother's day is on the 21st of March in the Middle East so don't forget to get your mom a special gift. I suggest flowers!

Desperate Freelancer
As of the beginning of May, I will have more time to handle freelance projects so if you need a logo, brochure, website, small animation or if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who might need my services....please don't hesistate to contact me. I am affordable :)

Friends & Links
Friends & Links
If you want to have a link to your website on please e-mail it to and don't forget to check  the current list in the contact section. It has links to cool designs and designers.

The blog will be also updated regularly with the latest news about what's happening in the design scene, so stay tuned...

If you have questions or comments, send me an email!