Newsletter March 2008



About women, by women
Femmes d'images, femmes de lettres is a cinematographic and literary event that will be held at the french cultural center of beirut from the 15th of January untill the 5th of february. You can see the program here and the branding of the event here


Art of the title
This website gathers the best opening titles of movies. Check out this one. It was done recently by MK12 for the movie stranger than fiction and it's really good!


Must Click
Gazopa is an intelligent search engine where you can search for online photos based on a picture you draw on their website. Could be helpful in some cases!
Book Cover Archive displays book covers from all around the world listing also the designers behind them.
Indexed is a blog that states facts of life using charts.
50 music posters to inspire.
Amazing 3D Type.


Art in the city
Beirut Art Center opened yesterday. It's the first art center in the city and will display the work of contemporary Lebanese artists, from installations to paintings to posters and photographies.
Also check out a very nice identity proposal for the center that was unfortunately rejected.

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