Newsletter March 2008



Holidays are around the corner so before you do your Christmas shopping make sure you visit these websites. If deliveries can’t make it on time, you can at least get some inspiration.
Supermarket HQ
Fred & Friends



Movie Graphics
Ever wondered who does those cool screen graphics in movies? Well, it's this guy and his reel is amazing!


Future of Typefaces
I have read this article about this new font based on Kafka's handwriting and it made me think about how typefaces can evolve. I think the future of typefaces lie in their interactivity. We should have more modular fonts where each glyph can be written in different ways, more options for ligatures, something that would give the users unlimited possibilities and make them feel that they are using a unique font because they had the choice of every letter.

I often talk about nice projects I see, but sometimes, I come across ugly things and this is one of them. The new signage system of the Forum des Images in Paris was designed by Pierre Di Sciullo, a very famous designer and typographer, with the collaboration of Autobus Imperial. The icons are nice but the type is really hideous. Check the pictures here and here and judge by yourself.

This month's picks:
Serena's Personal Computer
Modular Chair
Castelbajac's lego catwalk

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