Newsletter March 2008

Arabic Graphics
From the 7th of May until the 22nd of June 2008, there will be an exhibition about the work of Tarek Atrissi at the De Levante foundation in Amsterdam. The opening will be held on the 2nd of May at 8:30 p.m so passy by if you are around the corner.
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What the font?
I often see fonts that I like but it's always very hard to identify them. Luckily, there are some online tools that can help you recognize fonts.
Fontshop's Typenavigator
What the font?
But of course, these tools cannot beat type lnerds who can recognize any font you show them. If you don't know anyone around you who does that, you can always visit forums like Typophile and ask for help.

Desperate Freelancer
3D Calligraphy
I discovered last week-end the work of Abdallah Akar, a tunisian painter and calligrapher. I like mostly his work on metallic and wooden surfaces which looks very original since we mostly see calligraphies in their pure form: ink on paper. Visit his website.

Friends & Links
Arabesque the book
Arabesque -  Graphic Design from the Arab World and Perisa is out. It has really nice pieces which made me think of how promising the future of graphic design is in the Arab world...So, despite what Westerns think, we do have very good design and designers, we just need more promotion!
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