Friday, May 23, 2008

Chaumont Workshop 2008

Theme: Us, Men & Women
Leader: Nicholas Blechman, illustrator and art director of the NY times' Book Review

Day1 - Find AN Idea
We brainstormed about the theme, what it meant to us, discussed our first ideas and sketched them...

Idea #1
Write men and women on a paper then lay over it another paper that is partly cut out to emphasize on the men in the word women.

Idea #2
Show that men and women are the same...but how?
After some thinking, I decided to just write men and women in a connected way.

In the afternoon, we shared our ideas with everyone and most of them preferred my second idea so I started to develop it..

I immediately thought of using an actual string to communicate the idea more easily. Also because the only tools we had were a xerox machine (not very good quality) and pens, and because I suck at drawing and because I am lazy, I was trying to find a way it to do my final composition on real size...

Sketches from Day 1

Day 2 -
Experimenting with colors and numbers of strings
The concept is that men and women are connected but this can be done in many ways:

- One blue string with one pink string and that follow each other, meaning that men and women are different entities but their paths follow each other.
- A single string because we are really the same afterall

The mutliple strings could have looked nice graphically but the concept would have lost its meaning.

Painting the strings

At the end of the day I realized that it was very hard to make smooth curves with the string and even harder when it was colored because the material was getting stiffer with paint on it. I also didn't like very much the overall layout and decided to do something more geometric where the words women and men are perpendicular to each other

Alternative layout

No one liked the new layout because they said it reflects more the differences between men and women rather than their connection; because the 2 words are opposed.

I agree but it was visually more interesting than the original one...

Day 3 - Finalization?

I decided to drop the colors and work with a white string on a black background. I also used a thicker string so the letters would look bolder.

Testing the lettering

Final poster coming soon...

Overall the workshop was nice but I realized that I am not a manual person (I knew it already but now I also know that I am a hopeless case in that matter, so just face the fact and stop trying!). The good thing is that I tried things I would have never done for a project which is to put my computer aside and explore other materials. I also met a lot of nice, interesting people from all around the world and it was fun to see how we all had very different visions of the topic.
I enjoyed most of all the designer's presentations, some were corporate but very interesting, others more private but very inspiring.

Samples of other students' work


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